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Don't know when you check emails - BUT WHEN YOU DO - know that there are some taste buds at 11 West Main Street here in Earlville that have been tested to the limits of their enjoyment of cheese.
I thought I had tasted the best in your 16 year old.
But the 18 year old is, well, out of this world!
Thanks so much. We're overwhelmed.
Jeremy Stopford, Earlville, NY

We are the people who were in today who bought four different ages of cheddar.
We just now had some of the 6yr old, and it is hard to imagine anything better. Incredible. We are looking forward to the others we purchased.
With us was a friend from London who until now has had little good to say about American-made cheese, having had a wide variety of European cheeses. She has now changed her mind!
 Thanks again. I'm glad we found you.
Linda Wyatt
Ithaca NY

We love your cheese and live in sc but a friend from Greene brought us some

William Utter
Mt Pleasant, SC

As published in the New York Times 10/05/99
A Vote for Another Cheddar to the Editor:
I cannot agree that Vermont Cheddar is America's best sharp cheese ("Cheese With a Keener Nip Than Autumn in Vermont," Sept. 29). The Cheddars from Jewett's Cheese House in Earlville, N.Y., aged up to to 10 years, are the finest Cheddars I know, and the only ones that equal the Herkimer Cheddar that I knew as a child in central New York State. Jewett's ships to people all over the country who know and love find American Cheddar. I just ordered their 5- and 6-year old Cheddars.

Carolyn Kunicki, Forest Hills, Queens
Thank you

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